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The Pussy People

this would be make a great dog food ad


It’s More Than Sugar-water (sometimes)

“With the Small World Machines, Coca-Cola continues its positive-driven multi-year initiative which sees Coke re-imagining its dispensers and trucks, turning them into gift boxes and carriers of happiness.”


black & blue

Yesterday I found this siiiiiick (get over it) three part video ad for a video game called Dishonored. I posted it to Facebook but it still has zero likes. A cat meme the day before scored over twenty; people are crazy.

These beautiful videos caught my attention anyway. They tell the story before the story of this video game with stark and entrancing language. Narration of a young girl is back with painterly, desaturated animation that forms and reforms like plasma.

Personally, I appreciate these videos because they rely on story to sell. I’m sure many people will buy Dishonored for its graphics, challenging levels, or improvement to first person shooting. But someone decided to leave all of that out. They decided to focus on what really sets the game apart. It’s what every player will know and agree on, no matter the skill, age, or location- plot. In three short parts, players will want to join this ominously tale without hearing or seeing one thing about games.


damnit, the search engine made us cry again.

I haven’t thrown up any Chrome ads yet. Over eight million people have seen this baby (it’s two years old) but I’d just like to post it anyway. I happened to be visiting home the first time I saw this. I remember turning to my mom, “see why I like advertising?”.

Google has a lot to work with, like nearly all digital video in recent history, but the choice to focus into this brief narrative was so wise.

Also, “the web is what you make of it” couldn’t be more impactful.


New York Public Library radio spot.

A quick assignment for my copywriting course. Not the best quality, but hey- that’s the forty’s for you.


Dance Dance Evolution

Paste a Video URL

Sometimes the best way to communicate is dance. Here’s two examples of that ancient form of interaction in popular ad campaigns today.


Stephen Fry, meet Kinetic Typography.

This is brilliant! Watch it!

“… but do they bubble and froth and slobber and cream with joy at language? Do they ever let the tripping of the tips of their tongues against the tops of their teeth transport them to giddy euphoric bliss?”

This essay speaks to the concern that we’re forgetting to enjoy language these days. Or that all the grammar nazi’s of the world are keeping us from doing so, indirectly dulling the progression of language itself.

I’m a cheese-ball for british accents and alliterative writing. This video is plain entertaining for me, but Stephen Fry has a totally valid point.


“Limited edition? Let’s do some simple addition.”

The first time I heard this song I watched the video. A friend of mine had posted it just a few months ago when it had just a FEW million views.

How did a ginger, Seattle based rapper take over the music scene so quickly? The same as any other breaking artist, I guess. He did things differently.

In this internet sensation Macklemore raps about how broke he is. Lots of rappers have done this. Alternatively, he speaks about his 20 dollars for new clothes like it’s a fortune- not a tragedy. When you seem him at a party he won’t be dripping Gucci, but he’ll look better than you.

Creative lyrics aren’t all that made this song such a success though. His words are matched with awesome
visuals that intelligently combine modern style with vintage products. Of course, this is the theme of the song: the beauty of a thrift shop, but I think this combination is making itself known in all music genre’s these days. Mainstream rap seems to becoming less about looking rich in your newest lambo before BALLIN IN THE CLUB, and more of a creative statement. At least that’s what Macklemore’s going for so far. It’s put him in big places real quick and I like it.