All I want for Christmas

Light painting can be really, really fun but it doesn’t always come out like you’d wish. Someone who knows what they’re doing might make something brilliant, like this:


Most people end up with slightly illegible blur-fests, like this:

Screen Shot 2013-11-08 at 2.14.21 AM

Pixelstick has supercharged light painting with predetermined LED patterns. Design something neat, upload it to the stick, and watch magic unfold.




Think of the possibilities! We could paint the yellow brick road, Oz, and flying monkeys at once. We could turn a bedroom into an animated aquarium. We could sign our name every time we go out for drinks in huge IMPACT font. We could set things to music and make a stop motion, long exposure, a photorealistic masterpiece. We could take creepy group portraits around a neon thanksgiving feast, before diving into the normal peanut butter and/or pasta dinner.

Watch the whole Kickstarter project!


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