Granola To the Rescue

You know Nature Valley, they’re the granola bar too awesome for old people and babies. At least my grandpa can’t eat them, he has shitty dentures.

Recently, Nature Valley has partnered with the National Parks Foundation for some promotion/preservation marketing tactics, as evidenced by their website:

Screen shot 2013-11-06 at 3.06.06 PM

Then McCann Erickson NY took this partnership to another tech-fueled level. Using the same moves as Google Street View, the agency created five step-by-step looks into America’s most popular national parks. Inside Nature Valley Trail View, users simply choose a park, then on of several trails, tracked from the path’s head to base. For the health-conscious, mid 20’s-mid 40’s Nature Valley target, this project is spot on without feeling forced. This target have at least considered visiting a national park, and now they can.


Screen shot 2013-11-06 at 3.03.30 PM

Although the site’s view is pretty pathetic compared to the real deal, it’s the first time someone took our habitual perspective of Google Maps far from the streets. So that’s neat. And besides, I’m all for conservation in the name of noms. And besides besides, you could say that’s why Google Street turns wonder into action already: “Yo, here’s this rubbery, fish-eye view of the place you’re looking for. That’s the right corner? Ok cool, go check it out IRL.” McCann knew this view would likely translate to visits.

I found a small shot from the set of their case study, sporting the campaign tag:

30_390_234_nature_valley_trail_view_feature_1 (1)

After watching their “making of” nicely illustrate this concept, seeing how much content framed the interaction, and considering the awards McCann received in the end– I’d say the project was successful. “”Preserve & Inspire” indeed.

I’d like to see how Nature Valley might take that strategy line even farther, maybe by speaking to urbanites who might not give a rats ass about National Parks. Yeah, it’s probably out of their target… but city hipsters still like granola? It’d be funny to see how they could transport the natural praise somewhere really unexpected. Just an idea.


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