Just A Second

For clients like Montblanc, advertising is all about the shine. Leo Burnett Milan must’ve known this when they decided to break away and pieced together a surprisingly accessible digital work called The Beauty Of A Second. The campaign is specifically advertising Montblac’s new watch that “pays homage” to the chronograph inventor, Nicolas Rieussec. If you didn’t know, a chronograph has several timing functions that make second-to-second timing simple and extremely accurate.

Montblanc’s target market is undoubtedly narrow, comprised of educated and generally wealthy shoppers. These are the sort of design-obsessed men and women who seek that perfect jewel encrusted watch for their partner, or pen to expel their well-practiced signature over and over. But to reach the more digitally active segments of their target, and highlight the watches main feature second-timing feature, Montblanc/Leo Burnett put together this one-second competition. To enter, users just needed to submit their own second, then compile a short “film” using a bank of other one-second submissions. Piece together the most interesting film, and you’ve won the competition. The campaign’s best branded short films were even featured at SXSW, a likely surprise to audiences and Montblanc, then took home several awards including a 2013 ANDY. What’s interesting is that Leo Burnett Milan seemed to widen the consumer scope for Montblanc. With the help of a prompt with tight diction and high-res imagery, the competition seemed to breathe life back into a brand image that walked dangerously close to dusty. Here the Montblanc name has extended past the stuffy top .5%, potentially touching more trendy and artistic individuals. These folks might be less shiny, but probably have deep pockets they might have spent on a rare end table instead. The typical Montblanc look: eva-green-montblanc-ad-campaign-1 Leo Burnett’s version:


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