“Everyone is entitled to my opinion.” – Madonna

As my friend B.Clish has said, “The female pop options in 2013 have been SERIOUSLY. LACKING.”

Fret no more, Brian, Lady Gaga and KP have released their singles. May the sparkles commence. You’re likely to hear them on the radio in a matter of hours, if they aren’t already streaming. I’m not going to post the singles. Instead I was intrigued by the promotions before their release.

Katy Perry released her album title in the form of a golden semi-truck (later smashed by a drunk driver), then posted four promo videos. I liked how those were shot. Katy’s also singing on an award show and was a character on the recent and regrettable Smurfs 2.

Across the pop balance-beam, Gaga’s been promoted, too. Her Twitter has been constantly and exclusively tweeting about her single for the past few weeks now, if not longer. She’s also released promo videos and will be singing on Good Morning America this Monday. Lady G’s wacky cool video is below.

If you’ve been to LA, the thick aroma of entertainment-promo isn’t hard to notice. Just spending a few months there has warped me more aware, and more interested, in these pop ladies’ effort. I appreciate a lot of the messaging for its ingenuity in pop, I wonder how much of it they honestly wanted to do.

Do these artists need marketing teams, like brands, to take over their identity for weeks on end?

Is a massive promotional budget a mandatory part of maintaining your “reign”?

Is there any chance for a “less is more” take on music communications?

I’m just curious. They’re still two cool women with more intelligence and ethics than pop stars of the past. Also, I bought both songs.


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