“Limited edition? Let’s do some simple addition.”

The first time I heard this song I watched the video. A friend of mine had posted it just a few months ago when it had just a FEW million views.

How did a ginger, Seattle based rapper take over the music scene so quickly? The same as any other breaking artist, I guess. He did things differently.

In this internet sensation Macklemore raps about how broke he is. Lots of rappers have done this. Alternatively, he speaks about his 20 dollars for new clothes like it’s a fortune- not a tragedy. When you seem him at a party he won’t be dripping Gucci, but he’ll look better than you.

Creative lyrics aren’t all that made this song such a success though. His words are matched with awesome
visuals that intelligently combine modern style with vintage products. Of course, this is the theme of the song: the beauty of a thrift shop, but I think this combination is making itself known in all music genre’s these days. Mainstream rap seems to becoming less about looking rich in your newest lambo before BALLIN IN THE CLUB, and more of a creative statement. At least that’s what Macklemore’s going for so far. It’s put him in big places real quick and I like it.


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