miniature genius

As a kid I had a large carpet floor rug  that depicted a typical city scene. It was the coolest. This 2-D metropolis had a various population; dinosaurs, super heroes, hot-wheels and troll dolls all reigned in harmony.

I appreciate ads that effectively use model photography. There is something about the plastic, detailed look that intrigues me. It’s a nice shift from large scale elegance you get with photoshop magic, or an expensive photo shoot. These little worlds cast shadows and bring simplicity to its subjects. Here’s a great example by photographer Christopher Boffoli who “has an odd and intriguing relationship with food”.


Caption:  “I told them production was moving too fast. But no one wanted to listen.”


Caption: “Daniel and Paul could be very productive once they stopped bickering about the best approach to the problem.


Caption: “The sisters knew communication with the young novice would be futile. At least until the LSD wore off.”



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